Caretaking & Property Management Services

Have a seasonal cabin or second home in Northwest Wisconsin? Going on an extended vacation or have a rental property? For peace of mind – and to save you from major headaches and catastrophic expenses – it is critical to have a reputable caretaking and property management service regularly check your property during Wisconsin’s winter months.

Disaster can strike in a matter of hours with our extreme winter temperatures and snows. Loss of heat, power outages, burst pipes, flooded homes, ruined floors and collapsed roofs can happen in a flash.

Let Recreational Rental Properties, Inc. handle the upkeep of your property for you. With RRP’s full winter caretaking and property management services you can relax. We’ll take care of your home while you’re away.

We provide varying levels of caretaking services to meet every level of need.

Property Checks

Rates $250.00 a month includes weekly property checks
Single Check $50.00 for an onsite.

Checks include:
Run all faucets to make sure water is not frozen
Check propane tank
Check all thermostats
Flush all toilets to prevent septic from freezing
Turn well pump on and off

Cleaning Services

Rate: $25.00/hr

After a weekend at your lake home wouldn’t you rather just pack up and leave your cabin without having to worry about cleaning it?  Well now you can.  Contract Recreational Rental Properties Inc. to send over a professional cleaner and have them take care of everything after you leave.  When you arrive back at the cabin your cabin will be cleaned and ready for family fun.

Handy Man Services

Rate $30.00/hr

Do you dread coming up to your cabin just to have to work on it?  Contract with Recreational Rental Properties Inc, and have a handyman come to your cabin and perform all of those basic repairs giving you more time to enjoy your cabin rather than working on it.

Services that can be provided by handyman:
Replace furnace filters
Wash outside windows
Basic plumbing and electrical repairs
Check and service CO2 and fire detectors
Clean gutters
Winter preparation
Summer preparation
Deck repairs
Dock repairs

Project Management

Rate: $35.00/hr

Have you had issues finding a good contractor to work on your cabin?  Are you sick and tired of hiring contractors in the Cable/Hayward area to just have them not show up and over charge you for the services they performed?  Recreational Rental Properties has been working with local contractors for over 35 years.  We know which contractors are good and which ones are just out to take your money.  Hire Recreational Rental Properties, Inc. as a project manager and we will give you a list of preferred contractors in the area.  We will then be your eyes at your cabin and make sure the contractors are showing up on time and performing the job they were contracted to do.  Recreational Rental Properties Inc. will provide you with up to date phone calls and e-mails on the status of the project.

Lawn Care Service

Rates:  Charged based on accepted estimate

Cut and trim lawns
Spring cleanup
Fall cleanup
Pressure washing services